Grass clippings contain phosphorus,

the nutrient that turns our lakes and rivers green with algae. Excess nutrients entering storm drains can even increase toxic algal blooms. For a healthy lawn and cleaner waters this summer, follow these tips:

Village of Combined Locks - Grass Clippings
Village of Combined Locks – Grass Clippings
  • Mow often – Taller grass has deeper roots that prevent soil loss and help rain soak in. Cut no more than 1/3 the length of the grass each time you mow.
  • Don’t bag – Leave clippings on your lawn to keep soil moist and return nutrients over time, use clippings as garden mulch, or compost them instead.
  • Sweep it up – If clippings get in the street or on sidewalks, sweep them back onto your lawn so they don’t get washed into storm drains when it rains.

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