Storm Water Management

Village of Combined Locks Goal to Reduce Pollutant Loadings Entering the Fox River

Our Village is required to reduce storm water pollutants that discharge to the Fox River in order to meet its storm water discharge permit requirements imposed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as required by NR216.  As a member of the Garners Creek Storm Water Utility, the Village of Combined Locks will meet the required 20% reduction of storm water pollutants for lands within the community which also lay within the Garners Creek Watershed.  Additional reductions of pollutant loadings will require the construction of storm water retention ponds.  Since 1998 and over the next several years, the Village will continue to work jointly with the Garners Creek Storm Water Utility member communities and other surrounding communities to meet the requirements of NR216.  

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources authorized the use of federal stimulus monies for the construction of Cortland Court Pond in the Village of Kimberly. The pond, although built in Kimberly, provides credit to the entire watershed that discharges to the Fox River along an unnamed tributary adjacent to railroad right-of-way. The watershed is comprised of acreage located in Kimberly and Combined Locks. What is important here is that both communities receive “credit” toward meeting the requirement to reduce pollutant loadings based on the percentage of acreage that the communities have in the watershed.  Combined Locks acreage is 35.1% of the total acreage in the watershed.  Therefore, Combined Locks paid 35.1% of the cost to construct Cortland Court Pond.